#007: My 2019

I am looking at my invoices for 2019. Each page represents a person, a life story, and a situation. It is a special privilege to have these intimate collisions and intersections with strangers in my work. People’s stories can have so many complex and rich layers. How could I possibly not be impacted by them! What I hear couldn’t be any more raw and real sometimes. Each job almost always leaves me with a lot of insights and thoughts. 

Some time ago, I started to capture my thoughts in writing so that I never lose them. I have always had this urge to write ✍️✍️✍️ since I was very young. I find so much fulfillment in expressing myself that way, perhaps because thoughts are intangible energy and the moment you put them down on paper, they become something solid and tangible. ☺️

Ironically though, I have no real voice in my job. I only become someone else’s voice other than myself, wearing different hats throughout the day. I can be a woman who is running away from her abusive husband, or the opposite end: her husband. I can be a successful businessman, or a fraudster. I can be the psychiatrist and the mental patient at the same time. It is really fun to play different roles when you think about it. 

Interestingly, our paths cross again sometimes in a few years. I may not remember them, but they always remember me… perhaps because I was that lady who showed up in what might have been one of the lowest points of their lives. 

Each invoice represents a person, a life story, and a situation, and I am very fortunate to have experienced them all. They have become part of my flesh and blood, and they all live inside me. 😊


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