#002: My True Calling

As crazy as this might sound, I live to work. I love, love, love my work.

I love meeting new people every day. The only downside of that is that sometimes our paths cross again in a few years, and often I don’t recognize them. Way too many people to remember!

It is thrilling to see charismatic lawyers fighting tough, arguing so aggressively in court. I enjoy listening to their well-articulated arguments.

I constantly get to practice and improve my interpreting skills. The other day, the judge read her judgment for almost 3.5 hours. Sometimes, judges or lawyers read at a speed that is humanly impossible to catch up, so I have to politely ask/beg them to please slow down. If I didn’t interrupt, that would be a huge disservice to the person I interpreted for.

At times, I have to sleep at least 9 to 10 hours to recover from my intense interpreting experiences. My brain just requires so much sleep afterward, so I allow myself to sleep and recover.

I feel my life has a purpose when I help people understand everything that is being said, and (as cliché as it might sound) when I create a world with no language barriers. I feel most rewarded when my people are not disadvantaged in any way because of the language barrier that may be crippling them. 

People always thank me afterward. I have to admit, I’m addicted to these feelings. Nothing feels as good as that!

My work has taught me not to judge people, even if they smeared feces onto someone’s face out of anger (this is a true story). They still have the right to understand everything that is being said. My obligations stay the same no matter what.

I often go to places not knowing who I am going to meet that day, or what the subject matter is going to be. It is a surprise every single day. I love and hate that aspect of my work.

I am always travelling. On any ordinary day, I get to walk into different worlds, so my day is never ordinary. It is a true privilege to be able to enter people’s lives. I get to learn every intimate detail about their lives. I experience more than a person could ever experience in their lifetime. I don’t know what else is more fun, more real, and more exciting.

This is my true calling.


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